Redhead Tranny Is The Perfect Vintage Pinup
Okay, it appears that Joanna Jet has once again changed her look. This time she has long red hair and is wearing nothing but a sheer black top and fishnet stockings with garters. A look that I definitely can get down with because it makes her look like one of those vintage pinups from the forties and fifties. Dressed like this with her sizzling red hair makes her look like she could easily fit in with girls such as Hazel Court, Gloria Grahame and Jayne Mansfield.

She would be the ultimate vintage shemale pinup wouldn't she? The kind of babe you would find on a poster inside your personal locker at work. A chick who would help you get through your boring ass day and who would provide a whole lot of material to throw in your spank bank for later.

I love it when this tranny does these kind of erotic pinup scenes. I could spend all day watching her writhe on her bed like a sex kitten while she playing with her big tits and stroked her ever hard cock. Hell, I might even print one of these pictures out and pin it up on the bulletin board at work.