Adventurous Transsexual Gets Naked In A Diner
So far, we have seen many different views of Joanna Jet. We have seen her wild side and her meek side. We have even enjoyed the sexual aspects of her personality. And we are going to keep that going with this beautifully done picture gallery. A porn scene that shows yet another side of this shemale's personality. Her adventurous side.

If there is one thing you can say about this chick with a dick, it's that she loves to mixes things up. Just when you think you have an intimate grasp of her tendencies, then she switches things up and hits you with another curve ball. Which is what she does in these pics. A gallery that not only shows you how sexual she is but also shows you just how interesting she is as well.

In this scene, she looks like she has just walked out of some magazine from the fifties or sixties. She is wearing a vintage plaid dress and is sitting in a cafe along Route 66. Looks like some kind of ad doesn't it? Fortunately, it is not. And that fact is soon discovered when she lifts up her dress to show off not only her cock but her red fishnet stockings.