Joanna Jet
Hot and horny shemale that does it all with boys, girls and other shemales.
British Shemale Stuns The World With Her Amazing Nude Body

Published on July 28, 2015 in Galleries.
Do you love Joanna Jet? No, I'm not talking about the classic rock singer of the seventies and eighties. No, I am talking about the smoking hot shemale that you see in these picture galleries. A chick with a dick who not only gets nude and masturbates for the camera, but also fucks guys, girls and other trannies. You know, the girl of your dreams. Well, if you haven't had the opportunity to see this babe yet, then give me a few moments to introduce you to this sexy babe. A tranny who not only performs in her own content but also produces most of it. A chick with a cock who is evidently... check the whole gallery here!
Few Shemales Are As Hot As This One

Published on August 2, 2015 in Galleries.
I dare you to find one shemale on the Internet today who has the comparable beauty and sex appeal of Joanna Jet. For many years now I have searched hundreds of different tranny porn sites and checked out thousands of different chicks with dicks and have yet to find one which could stack up with this glamorous and extremely sexual babe. Check her out in these porn pics, if you don't believe me. In this scene, she starts off wearing just an average dress and above average fishnet stockings and heels. She is beautiful just standing there, but the real fun begins when she unzips the front of... check the whole gallery here!
Redhead Tranny Strokes Cock While Dressed In Latex

Published on August 7, 2015 in Galleries.
It doesn't matter the circumstances, I will always be a fan of the porn produced by Joanna Jet. I just feel like she is an incredible chick with a dick. However, I must admit that some of her solo porn shoots do it for me more than others. And one of those ultra-exciting scenes is here before you today. The first thing that I like about this scene is this shemale is dressed in a full latex dress. A dress that hugs her tits and her bulge ever so tightly. It is also one that makes her ass look like it's going to burst out of them at any moment. Like the fabric is suddenly going to give way... check the whole gallery here!
Tranny Fucks A Beautiful Woman's Pussy And Ass

Published on August 12, 2015 in Galleries.
I think that I have teased you enough with the body of Joanna Jet, so I have decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of showing you a gallery where this chick with a dick just gets naked and masturbates, I have decided to give you one where you will see this exciting shemale fucking a girl. We already know how well this tranny can stroke off her own cock or play with her boobs. Now let's see how she can handle some fucking pussy. Well, I already know because I have been to her porn site. I think it is you who needs to learn more about it. The first thing Joanna does is to let this... check the whole gallery here!
Chick With A Dick Takes Off Black Latex Dress

Published on August 17, 2015 in Galleries.
Joanna Jet dressed in a full black latex dress. I really don't think that it gets much better than that. While this chick with a dick is sexy no matter what she is wearing, the alluring smell and feel of latex makes this material the only thing that can make this shemale even fucking hotter. There's just something about this latex outfit that really drives me crazy and makes my cock harder than a piece of flint. I don't know if it's the fishnet stockings, the thigh high boots, or what. All I know is it has awoken feelings in me that really need to be expressed right away. Of course,... check the whole gallery here!
Adventurous Transsexual Gets Naked In A Diner

Published on August 22, 2015 in Galleries.
So far, we have seen many different views of Joanna Jet. We have seen her wild side and her meek side. We have even enjoyed the sexual aspects of her personality. And we are going to keep that going with this beautifully done picture gallery. A porn scene that shows yet another side of this shemale's personality. Her adventurous side. If there is one thing you can say about this chick with a dick, it's that she loves to mixes things up. Just when you think you have an intimate grasp of her tendencies, then she switches things up and hits you with another curve ball. Which is what she... check the whole gallery here!
Blonde Shemale In Fishnet Halter Top And Thigh High Boots

Published on August 27, 2015 in Galleries.
Joanna Jet has as many looks as she does outfits. It seems like every time I see her in a porn scene she looks completely different. Not only wearing different clothes but often times having different hairstyles and colors. One minute she is a brunette with short hair and the next minute she is a redhead with long hair. I love how she continuously mixes things up for us. And she keeps that tradition going in this picture gallery. Here we see this lovely shemale with long flowing blonde hair and wearing an outfit that is a bit unorthodox. She is wearing a fishnet halter top, thigh high... check the whole gallery here!
Redhead Tranny Is The Perfect Vintage Pinup

Published on September 1, 2015 in Galleries.
Okay, it appears that Joanna Jet has once again changed her look. This time she has long red hair and is wearing nothing but a sheer black top and fishnet stockings with garters. A look that I definitely can get down with because it makes her look like one of those vintage pinups from the forties and fifties. Dressed like this with her sizzling red hair makes her look like she could easily fit in with girls such as Hazel Court, Gloria Grahame and Jayne Mansfield. She would be the ultimate vintage shemale pinup wouldn't she? The kind of babe you would find on a poster inside your personal... check the whole gallery here!
Shemale Dominatrix Subdues Her Male Slave

Published on September 6, 2015 in Galleries.
What some of you might not realize about Joanne Jet is that she likes to participate in a little BDSM action from time to time. But probably not in the way you would think she would. She isn't anyone's sex slave. No, she is always the mistress and she really knows how to punish those she rules over. It doesn't matter if they are shemale, male or female. In this gallery today, she is going to make her slave fulfill her every desire. The first thing she does is put a leather mask over his face and then lays him down on a table. Then she pulls out her cock and balls and tea bags him until... check the whole gallery here!
Have You Even Checked Out This Shemale Yet?

Published on September 11, 2015 in Galleries.
Before we talk about this Joanna Jet porn gallery I want to ask you a question. Have you had a chance to visit her official website. If you have, then good for you. I hope you found the kind of hot shemale action you were looking for. However, if you haven't, then I have to ask you another question. Why not? I am not hawking this site for my personal benefit. I actually believe in what they are offering. This is a tranny porn site that features one of the most exciting and beautiful chicks with dicks in the entire industry, as you might have noticed by the last eight or so galleries. But... check the whole gallery here!
British Tranny Will Raise Your Fucking Flag

Published on September 16, 2015 in Galleries.
This Joanna Jet porn gallery will really give you an opportunity to salute this shemale's glorious pole. That's because this British transsexual is paying tribute to all of her American flags by wearing this unique outfit. A star spangled T-shirt and a pair of daisy dukes. What could be more American than that my fellow shemale porn fans? These are definitely some pictures that are sure to make your bombs burst in mid-air. She just looks so sexy in that shirt that closely hugs her big tits and those short shorts that really hug her ass as well as her cock and balls. The real magic... check the whole gallery here!
This Slut With A Pair Of Nuts Masturbates Alone

Published on September 21, 2015 in Galleries.
Joanna Jet wants to show you something today. She wants to show you that she is a sexually independent shemale who doesn't need anyone else to help her get off. She doesn't need any man, woman or transsexual to make her bust a nut. All she needs is a little bit of alone time and both of her hands. As you might have guessed from my preamble, in this scene this exciting and very sexual British tranny is going to lie down on her bed and indulge in a little bit of self abuse. She is going to pull out her big cock and stroke it off while she squeezed her firm breasts and pinches her... check the whole gallery here!
These Shemale Pics Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Published on September 26, 2015 in Galleries.
Joanna Jet is at her best when she is dressed in nylons and high heels. At least that is how I look at it in my opinion. I love it when she puts on a pair of stockings and slips into a pair of heels. It makes my heart flutter to see this sexy shemale in what I consider to be one of her best outfits. Although I have to admit that seeing her dressed up is only part of the thrill. I really like it when she starts out dressed up like this and then does a little bit of a striptease. It's so much fun to watch her slowly peel off each article of clothing and give us one small peek after another... check the whole gallery here!
U.K. Tranny Wants To Show You Her Cock

Published on October 1, 2015 in Galleries.
If you have always wanted an up-close and personal look at the cock of Joanna Jet, then you have come to the right porn gallery. That is exactly what this British transsexual is going to show you today. She is going to give you the perfect POV shot of her erect, throbbing dick. She really hopes that you enjoy it. Of course, she isn't just going to jump right into this kind of action. She just isn't going to pull out her prick and shove it in your face. That would make for a very short porn scene indeed. No, what she is going to do is tease and please you a little first. She has to make... check the whole gallery here!
Blonde Shemale Is Horny And Glamorous

Published on October 6, 2015 in Galleries.
Yet another throw back gallery from Joanna Jet. I call it a throwback porn gallery because that is what it kind of reminds me of. With that blonde bob she has going she looks like she has walked straight from a history book. Like a shemale taken out of time. This is definitely a look that I like. Her sitting there with heavy makeup, fishnet stockings and in that blue dress makes her look so sophisticated and glamorous. Like many of the porn scenes she has done before, it makes her look like a pinup model. If pinup models had a dick that is. If you like this scene, then by all means be... check the whole gallery here!